//Destiny XIII//
My name is Liza (a.k.a) Destiny-XIII.

I'm a big DORK for fan of animated movies~ Especially How to Train Your Dragon. I'm usually a DreamWorks-girl, but a part of me is also a Disney-girl. Because of Hiro of Big Hero 6 So expect that most of my posts and reblogs are HTTYD and BH6 related.

Cosplayer and an awkward potato fangirl <3

I went as Tooth/Toothiana from Rise of the Guardians last Ozine Fest Figure Special (December 28 - 29, 2012) for both days.

I was very happy and pleased of the results even though it was a bit rushed because I worked on it for 4 days before the event. Some recognizes me and some thought I’m just a random parrot… o_o;;

It was a huge success for me, a lot of people asked for photos (whether they know my character or not..). I’m thinking of remaking Tooth for the last time with proper wings and more feathers~ (my feathers were molting, but it wasn’t obvious). I ran out of time to make the wings.

I’m really glad that I got to meet new friends :>

Here are some shots by my brother during the event.

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