//Destiny XIII//
My name is Liza (a.k.a) Destiny-XIII.

I'm a big DORK for fan of animated movies~ Especially How to Train Your Dragon. I'm usually a DreamWorks-girl, but a part of me is also a Disney-girl. Because of Hiro of Big Hero 6 So expect that most of my posts and reblogs are HTTYD and BH6 related.

Cosplayer and an awkward potato fangirl <3

I can’t promise that this will be my last Toothiana cosplay post.

I’m just really happy that I can’t contain it! <3

Thank you everyone for the likes and reblogs from my last post, I really appreciate it! I’ll be remaking her anytime soon :>

Earlier this evening I found my previous post lurking at a Facebook fanpage that made me WTH… XD but anyways~ Thank you very much!

I was also able to track down the Jack Frost I’m looking for (the power of mutual friends! Hah! -3-)

Posted a bit Frostbite/Rainbow Snowcone. I found this a better shot <3

Other than the first two Frostbite/Rainbow Snowcone picture, the rest of this post is the closer view of my Tooth cosplay.

Photo credits goes to that Jack Frost’s friend, random photographers, and to my brother too ^u^

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    BECAUSE I CAN’T SLEEP… *throws my old not-so-beautiful-Toothiana cosplay on your dash* Aside from Jack— I cosplayed...
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