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//Destiny XIII// //Hiccup Desuchan//

Another post of my Toothiana cosplay last December 2012.

So, I was browsing Tooth cosplay and suddenly I missed my Toothiana days…

Some people hated and bashed my Tooth cosplay for no apparent reason .__. and eventually I gave up my plan on remaking her. But then, a friend of mine is going as Jack and asked me to be the Tooth of her Jack cosplay, and I gladly accepted it. Nothing and no one is going to stop me from remaking her.

Looking at these photos made me think I really need to do a lot of improvement on this one, since Tooth is simply one of my fave girls and  I dedicate all my hard work on ‘feathering’ this costume to her <3

Some photos were taken by my friend’s friend, and friend of mine. Credit goes to them

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    Hey, it takes a lot of guts to attempt to cosplay a FEATHERED character, and a lot of hard work to finish it and pull it...
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    YOUR COSTUME IS THE B-O-M-B!!! FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO PUT IT DOWN!!! You look absolutely fabulous gorl.
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